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Dynamic fireworks wants to make sure that your wedding day is extra special and unforgettable. Therefore, you have the opportunity to receive one of our display fireworks individually tailored to your expectations. We know how special and important their wedding day is for our customers and we want to contribute to that by offering our display fireworks to make it an even bigger success. If you decide to enrich your big day with one of our display fireworks, we will make sure that it meets all of your wishes and expectations. At Dynamic fireworks, we are very customer focussed and make sure to communicate closely while planning and preparing our fireworks. Therefore, you will be given the opportunity to choose between all kinds of sizes and shapes. But not only that, you can also decide if you want your fireworks to take place outside or inside. Our display fireworks that take place outside are an impressive addition to your wedding program and can be synchronized with a music of your choice. The indoor displays are a perfect photo background and emphasize your speeches or first dance. Have a look at our different wedding packages to find the perfect match for you and book them online!

Have a look at our wide variety of display fireworks before you make a decision

If you are interested in learning more about our display fireworks, please do not hesitate to visit our website. There you can find detailed information about our products and even videos that will help you to get a better idea of the different possibilities we offer. Of course, our display fireworks are not only a great addition to your wedding, but also to many other of your events. It does not matter if you are welcoming guests at a corporate event, a fundraiser or a private event, they are always a great addition and definitely something your guests will remember. We have great experience in the industry and therefore will not only take care of the planning and preparation of your fireworks, but also make sure that all important safety requirements are met. All of our pyro technicians are trained and fully qualified at Firer Level and Senior Firer Level of the British Pyrotechnics Association’s Firework Training Scheme and we are also members of the CBI Explosives Industry Group, British Pyrotechnists Association and British Fireworks Association.

We offer our services all across the UK

We are one of the leading businesses in the UK when it comes to display fireworks. Therefore, you have the opportunity to visit us in one of our showrooms if you want to learn more about our product range or simply talk to one of our trained employees. If you are simply looking for high-quality fireworks for New Year’s Eve or a cosy bonfire night, we will not disappoint you either! Simply have a look at our website where we, in addition to information about our display fireworks, also offer a wide range of fireworks in our premium quality. If you are looking for a bargain, feel free to have a look at our sale, where you can find many of our products to reduced prices. From rockets to flying lanterns, over fountains and mines- the choices are almost endless! If you can’t decide, you can get one of our display packs which will offer you a variety of different products. Our website is also the place to get in touch with us in case of any questions or if you want to book us for one of your events. We will see you there!